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Outdoor Children's Toys for Less than £25

With supply chain issues affecting many of this year's top selling toys, and environmental concerns placing a heavier focus on products that last, now could be the perfect time to take on a family project.

Here at Muddy Knees, we believe in getting kids outside, whilst spending quality time together as a family. Our kits offer a unique experience, taking on a challenge together, and building memories which will last even longer than the toys themselves. From swings and rope ladders to old fashioned go karts, all of our projects are easy to build, fun to use, and inspire children to use their imagination.

Many of our kits can be built for just a few pounds, yet offer endless hours of fun with continuous opportunities to use add your own design tweaks - it's amazing how many uses a child can find for a simple set of pulleys, and we've seen go karts with wind screens, trailers and even one turned into a roman chariot!

Everything we sell is locally sourced, hand made, and designed to last for years. Below are a small selection of our most affordable kits, proving that a little ingenuity can be worth far more than the latest gadgets

DIY Go Kart Plans - £1

Depending on your child's experience and ability, they may be able to take on much of the build themselves. Don't be afraid of making something which isn't perfect - half the fun and learning experience, is finding out what works and changing the design to match the materials you have.

If this all sounds a bit daunting, we do of course sell complete kits which can be built following our easy instructions.

Pulley Set - £25

Whether it's hoisting supplies into tree houses, or rescuing go karts from muddy ditches, a good pulley set becomes surprisingly useful when combined with a child's imagination

Wooden Tool Box Kit - £25

Our wooden tool box kits can be supplied complete with the tools needed to build them. They make a great introduction to the world of construction, offering children an easy first build with the excitement of having their own tools to work with.

Personalised Coveralls - £25

Coveralls, overalls, or 'farmer's suits' keep the muck off clothes letting children truly run free. Kept at the back door and combined with a pair of wellies, coveralls allow children to explore their surroundings without having to worry about rips, grass stains and mud splats.

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