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Outdoor activities for self isolating kids

Day 3 of working from home and you're fraying at the edges... the kids are acting up, you're fed up, and any thoughts of home schooling have been given up in favor of the Playstation. Are we right?

Build a Wooden Go Kart

A family project is the perfect distraction. Sure it's not the maths homework the kids have been sent to do, but the weather's glorious and sometimes there are just more important things in life. We'd be willing to bet they'll learn more useful skills with a saw and a screwdriver than any amount of time with a text book anyway.

Our outdoor kits are simple to build, come with all of the parts you need and can be built in your own back garden using tools you already have. In a few happy hours you'll learn skills such as working from plans, accurate measurements and woodworking whilst spending some quality time together in the fresh air. Before long all the frustrations of indoor isolation and boredom will be long forgotten.

And when all of this is over? You'll have a bunch of happy memories and excited discussions about where to find a bigger hill.

Our plans are now just £1

We also sell complete Go Kart Kits starting at just £65. Click the link below to see our full range of kits, suitable for all ages and abilities.

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