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Traditional Go Kart Kits

Build a wooden go kart, just like the soap box and pram wheel karts you built as a kid... only much sturdier!

All kits are safety tested with modern innovations like brakes and steering limits to ensure the fun doesn't end in tears.

Colour instructions and detailed models guide you all the way to the start line.

And just in case you're wondering, they're plenty strong enough for the adults to have a go too...

"My husband had lots of fun and even let his nephew have a go... well it was his birthday present after all"

Treetop Adventure Kits

Swing, hang and climb through the trees - our treetop kits are all about making adventures and inspiring imaginative play.

Made from strong chunky rope, sustainable hardwood, and metal fixings they are designed to outlast even the most intrepid garden explorers.

"Old Fashioned 21st Century Fun and not a computer or smartphone in sight... Bliss!"

Garden Mechanic's Equipment

Get ready to get mucky and build your own fun. Here you can find all the tools and equipment you need to complete our kits.

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